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A club committed to
the local young generation

The association maintains privileged relations with the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, within the framework of the Sport-Health-Culture-Civism (2S2C) system. This educational and fun operation offers students in particular supervised sports activities during school time.

The club regularly participates in the Planète Kayak actions organized by the FFCK, to introduce young people to paddle sports as part of their schooling.

Since 2019, the club has also been involved in the experimentation of the Passerelle Card , which allows certain CM1 and CM2 schoolchildren to be able to try canoeing in September, before eventually joining the club for the school year.

In 2019, it is

370 young Périgueux inhabitants who have been welcomed

5 partner establishments (primary, secondary, high school)

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School arrangements for the 2020-2021 season (.pdf)