Club creation


These are the beginnings of canoeing in the Dordogne. At the initiative of Adolpe Tesnière, the Groupe Nautique du Périgord (GNP) was created in 1958, in Périgueux. Five years later, in 1963, the club already had its first athletes selected for the World Championships. In 1969, seventeen athletes participated in the French Championships, winning four titles, three gold medals and one bronze medal.


Fusion and installation at the Moulin de Sainte-Claire


The Leisure Périgord Association (ALP) was born in 1985. Offering the same type of activities in the city, the two associations merged to become ALP GNP, the current structure. The club moved its headquarters to the Sainte-Claire mill (historical and then industrial heritage since the 13th century). The club is now located near the city center, on the right bank of the Isle.




Downhill and road race: the turn to two other disciplines

The club had been oriented towards slalom for several years, to the point of being among the top 50 clubs in France. In 2010, the Périgueux club turned resolutely towards two new disciplines:

  • Wildwater, in which Périgueux is propelled in Nationale 1 between 2014 and 2017, in the top 3 of French clubs, whereas it was classified in the 200th place seven years earlier.

  • Sprint, in which Périgueux finished in Nationale 3 (65th place).

Périgueux brings together 160 to 224 licensees every year, with more and more practitioners in paddle schools and athletes with national and international titles and athletes in Pôle Espoir, Pôle France and Ministerial List.

In 2014, the club supported the arrival of the Tour de France in Périgueux .

An increasingly dynamic club

In its 30th anniversary year, the club had four athletes selected in the French national team in May 2015. A month later, the Nautical Trail From Shore to Shore was inaugurated. The rabaskas Vesunna I and II, whose famous bowhead is machined by Socra, are inaugurated for the occasion. That same summer, the athletes distinguished themselves at the World Championships, bringing back titles and medals.

Several projects follow one another to boost the club. In April 2016, the club joined the French Parasports Federation and a few months later co-organized the French ParaCanoeing Championships in Périgueux. In collaboration with CAMI, the club involves eleven people suffering from cancer in the 2016 edition of the Vogalonga Challenge , organized in Venice.


That same year, Manon Hostens was the club's first athlete to represent France at the Rio 2016 Olympics , during which she finished in 12th place. After having worn her country's colors six years earlier at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, she is the first kayaker from Dordogne to reach this level of competition.

To offer modern sports equipment adapted to the latest uses, the mayor of Périgueux, Antoine Audi, inaugurated the end of the renovation work on the Sainte-Claire mill in 2017. The nautical base was then symbolically renamed "Ado et Mad Tesnière".

In 2018, Périgueux Canoë-Kayak is renewing the Vogalonga Challenge experience. Périgueux Canoë-Kayak actively participates in the 2018 edition of the Dordogne-Périgord Canoë-Kayak Marathon in Castelnaud. That year, the club diversified its activities and opened a kayak-polo section.

Today, the club has 657 licensees and has a great track record to its credit.


'Vive LE TOUR'

In 2014, thirty club's boats were installed below Saint-Front Cathedral to make this message appear on TV around the world, on the occasion of the Bergerac-Périgueux time trial.